Shared Web Hosting

This is a low-cost option that filters the traffic to your website in a shared web hosting environment. This protected shared web hosting solution distinguishes and captures malicious contenders while allowing legitimate traffic to pass through. Your website will operate efficiently without any downtime caused by botnet attackers. Affordable web hosting and convenience are key factors here.

As your web hosting needs grow, your web hosting package can be upgraded with additional DDoS protected hosting levels. All web hosting options are flexible. All shared web hosting packages include the DirectAdmin control panel running LiteSpeed Web Server with PHP5, IonCube, and Zend Optimizer. You can choose from options on bandwidth, storage, database size, number of e-mail accounts and domain names.

Feature Comparison

Shared Silver


Shared Gold

Disk Space 2 GB 5 GB
Bandwidth 100 GB 250 GB
MySQL Databases 1 5
Email Accounts 10 50
Bandwidth Filtering 100 Mbps 100 Mbps
TCP Flood Filtering
HTTP Flood Protection
DirectAdmin Control Panel
LiteSpeed Web Server
Zend Optimizer
CGI / Perl
Dedicated IP Address
Supports SSL
DNS Hosting - Basic
DDoS Protection - Basic
Setup Cost Free Free
Monthly Cost $30.00 $65.00
DNS Hosting - Enterprise Optional Optional
DDoS Protection - Enhanced $150 / month $150 / month
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