We Use Anycast Routing

DDoS Support's web hosting system utilizes a network of computer hosts called anycast routing. That means that our Enterprise Managed DNS services use servers to host your website that are located around the world. Unlike traditional unicast systems, anycast assures you that your site is always accessible at the fastest possible speeds for the visitors to your website.

How Does It Work?

Our managed DNS network utilizes a global network of nearly 500 servers located around the world at 16 independent Internet exchange points. When a user submits a request for a named server, all of the servers within our global network have the potential to respond. The system routes the request to your site to the datacenter server that is located nearest to the requestor. Because our computers are geographically distributed around the world, it means that your DNS name resolution is handled not by one server, but many. This decreases network latency and improves performance on your website for you and your visitors. Most Internet Service Providers and DNS providers use a unicast system limited to just a few servers and cannot deliver the same level of performance.

What Are The Benefits?

Because users are directed to the nearest DNS server, this speeds the response time for them when they visit your website. Your site visitors will see page loading speeds that cannot be matched by inferior web hosting providers. It also enables us to help you balance the load to your site, increases your site's reliability and its potential for scalability. In addition, it further enhances protection of your website against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. This all occurs seamlessly for you.

Enhanced DDoS Protection

Our method of protection considerably lowers the threat to your website from a DDoS attack. Because such a large number of DNS servers are able to respond to the same IP address, the risk of your site going down or traffic being slowed from an attack are minimal. And, even in worst case situations where multiple servers on the network could go down, our large distributed network of servers keeps your DNS services unaffected.

100% DNS Uptime Assurance

When DDoS Support's DDoS protection is combined with the DNS Anycast network you are assured of 100% DNS uptime during attacks.

Worldwide DNS Anycast Infrastructure