Choosing the Right Level of DDoS Protection

The DDoS Support team will help you select the proper level protection from DDoS attacks. Here are some guidelines that will give you a general idea of what may apply to your situation:

Basic Protection
This level of protection is best for those with websites that have a lower risk of attack and where attacks may only last a few minutes. It offers a basic level of reliable, effective DDoS protection to resist minor attacks lasting only a few minutes at entry level rates. It is an excellent choice for small businesses without the resources to purchase dedicated servers and high cost protection equipment.

This level is standard and included FREE with all of our Basic web hosting package options.

Enhanced Protection
This level of protection is for businesses and others that face a moderate threat or risk of attacks to their website or DNS. If your website has been attacked in the past and you are in need of a sure solution that will keep your website completely functional during and following an attack this option may be for you. This coverage is typically best for websites under high threat or traffic levels and attacks last longer than a few hours but less than two days.

Initial coverage starts at $150/month for Enhanced DDoS Protection up to the first 1,000,000 DNS queries. DNS queries in excess of 1,000,000 queries per month are billed at $50 per 1,000,000.

Enhanced DDoS Protection can be applied to the Shared Hosting, Virtual Server, or Dedicated Server pacakges. Enhanced Protection starts at $150 per month.

DDoS Professional Protection
This is a level of protection is for web sites known or suspected to be under attack or regular attacks. It is essential for companies with web sites under large or constant attacks. These attacks may include all types of floods to your web site, over-consumption of resources, disruption of configuration information, or obstructing communication media. This option should be chosen if you are in an emergency situation. Service Level Agreements are available and fully customizable with this option.

Professional DDoS Protection is available with Colocation, Virtual Servers, Dedicated Servers, and Server Clusters. Professional Protection starts at $2500 per month.